In this lesson we’ll look at the names of some useful places while you’re in a trip.

“Airport” in Italian

L’aeroporto in Italian means the airport.


It might be hard to pronunce this word in Italian, so it could be helpful if you listen to the audio files and repeat it out loud a few times. Porto in Italian means port.

  • The difficulty in pronuncing this word comes from the vowels “ae”. The “a” end “e” in “ae” are both pronunced separately, very quickly one after the other.
  • This Italian word is masculine, but it begin with a vowel, so the article for it is l’.

Italian for “Train Station”

La stazione ferroviaria means the train station.

La stazione ferroviaria
Normal speed:
Slow speed:

Ferro means iron and ferrovia in Italian means railroad/rail tracks; via means way, so stazione ferroviaria means railway station.

You can also say stazione dei treni (“the station of the trains”).

“Historical Centre” in Italian

Il centro storico in Italian means the historical centre.

Il centro storico

Don’t miss out on seeing the beautiful old centre of an Italian town! Many Italian towns have an old and beautiful centro storico with newer (and less attractive!) parts of the town built around it.

  • Remember, when the letter “c” is followed by e or i it’s always pronounced like ch in English. In all other cases, (like in storico) it’s pronunced like “k”.

Italian for “Highway”

L’autostrada in Italian means highway/motorway.


L’autostrada in Italian literally means “the road of the car”. L’auto in Italian means car and strada means road. The autostrada consists of big, multi-lane fast roads. Note, you have to pay to use the autostrada in Italy. There are pay stations where you can pay by credit card, or with cash, or electronically.

  • The gender of this word is feminine.

Restaurant in Italian

Il ristorante in Italian means the restaurant.

Il ristorante
  • The gender of ristorante is masculine, as you can see from the “il” article, even thought it doesn’t end in “o”.


Translate the following sentences into Italian.

Click the link below to view the answers. But have a go first!

  1. Excuse me, where can I find the train station?
  2. Where is the airport?
  3. Is that the historical centre?
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  1. Scusi, dove posso trovare la stazione ferroviaria?
  2. Dov’è l’aeroporto?
  3. É quello il centro storico?

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  1. Hi guys, well done with this page for learning Italian (being an Italian as well I know it’s a daunting thing for non-native speakers).

    Just one thing…For autostrada, I wouldn’t put freeway as English equivalent as it entails it is toll-free. Unfortunately in Italy there is a toll when using l’autostrada. I would switch it with highway and specify underneath it is a toll-road.

    (happy to help if you need some suggestions for other courses – mail me privately)

    Ciao 😉

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