Italy has plenty of natural beauty, if you like mountains, beaches, forests, rolling hills and so on; on the other hand, Italy’s architecture is quite unique in Europe, and beautiful. In this tutorial we’ll look at the names of some things you’ll definitely want to see as a tourist in Italy.

The Italian for Sea

Il mare in Italian means the sea.

Il mare

During the summer, in many parts of Italy, the temprature goes far above 30 degrees in the shade, so in the hot weather many people like to take a swim in the sea.

The Italian for Beach

La spiaggia is the Italian for the beach.

La spiaggia

Enjoy the sunshine at the spiaggia next to the mare!

  • The second “i” here just changes the “g” to a soft “g”, like in the English word “gem”. It is not pronounced separately (unlike the first “i”, which is pronounced).

Italian for “Tourist Information”

L’informazione turistica is Italian for the tourist information (office).

L’informazione turistica

Informazione means information, and turistica means touristic.

  • The commonly-used Italian words which end in “zione” are usually femminine words. In this case “informazione” is a femminine-gendered noun, so turistica, which is an adjective, is also used in its feminine form here, because it applies to a feminine noun.

Italian for “Town Square”

La piazza in Italian means The (town) square.

La piazza

Italy is literally full of town squares.

When you know which piazza you’ll be visiting, just place the name of the square after the word “piazza”. For example, Piazza San Giovanni, which literally translates as Saint John’s Square.

There is a Piazza San Giovanni in Firenze/Florence, for example.

The Italian for Museum

Il museo in Italian means the museum.

Il museo

Place the name of the museum after the word “museo”, just like in the case of piazza.

For example, you’ll say Museo di Capodimonte for the famous museum in Naples.

The Italian for Cathedral

La cattedrale means the cathedral.

La cattedrale

Usually in Italian you place the name of the cathedral before the word cattedrale, and say for example: Cattedrale di Santa Maria Maggiore, Cathedral of Santa Maria Maggiore.

There is a famous cathedral in Firenze/Florence with this very name.

The Italian for Tower

La torre means the tower.

La torre

La torre di Pisa (the tower of Pisa) is beautiful and has a stunning view!

The tower leans so much that tourists in summer like to take a picture with their hands aligned with the tower in the background, as if they are holding the tower up.

The Italian for Palace

Il palazzo means the Palace.

Il palazzo

This is a slightly similar word to piazza, so don’t get confused! :)

Il Palazzo Reale di Milano means the Royal Palace of Milan.


Translate the following sentences into English.

Click the link below to view the answers. But have a go first!

  1. Buongiorno! Dove posso trovare l’informazione turistica?
  2. È questa la cattedrale San Giuseppe?
  3. Questa è la spiaggia.
  4. Il mare è grande!
  5. Dov’è il museo di Roma?
  6. (Che) cos’è questa?
  7. Questa è la piazza San Marco! (a Venezia)
  8. Grazie per l’informazione!
  9. Dov’è posso trovo il Duomo di Milano?
  10. Sì, quella è il Duomo di Milano!
Show answers »
  1. Good day! Where can I find the touristic information?
  2. Is this the San Giuseppe Cathedral?
  3. This is the beach.
  4. The sea is big!
  5. Where is the Rome’s museum?
  6. What is this?
  7. This is the San Marco Square! (in Venice)
  8. Thanks for the information!
  9. Is that the Milan Cathedral?
  10. Yes, that is the Milan Cathedral!

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