After a long walk in the beautiful centro storico, it’s time for some shopping in Italy.

Italian for Grocery

Dov’è il negozio? in Italian means Where is the grocery shop (food shop)?

Dov’è il negozio?
  • The gender of negozio is masculine. So, for example to say a food shop – meaning one food shop – you’ll have to say un negozio.

Asking the Price of Something in a Shop in Italy

The Italian Quanto costa? means How much is it (literally, how much does it cost)?

Quanto costa?

“Quanto” means “how much”, and quanto costa together literally means how much does it cost? Quanto derives from the same root as the English word “quantity”.

Asking for a Shopping Bag in Italy

Avete un sacchetto? is the Italian for Do you have a bag?

Avete un sacchetto?

“Sacchetto” comes from the word “sacco”, which means bag. The difference between these two words is that sacchetto is a medium-sized bag. A sacco is a large bag or a sack (for example, it could be a rubbish/garbage bag).

A sacchetto is usually made of plastic.

If in the shop you want to ask for a plastic bag specifically, you can say sacchetto di plastica, which means plastic bag. Or you can ask for a sacchetto di carta, a paper bag.

  • This is the first time we’ve seen the letters “cch” in a word, but we can apply the usual spelling rules to them. No matter how many c’s are in a word, the rules are always the same.
  • In Italian when the “c” is NOT followed by the vowels “e” or “i”, it’s always prounuced like “k” in computer.
  • The “h” in Italian is never pronunced (it’s always silent). The reason why sacchetto is spelt like this, is because the “h” helps you to proununce the word in the right way; without “h” the c letter would be followed by an “e”, so the the “c” would have to be pronounced differently.

How to Ask if Credit Cards are Accepted in Italian

Accettate carte di credito? in Italian means Do you accept credit cards?

Accettate carte di credito?

The Italian for Postage Stamp

The Italian francobollo means postage stamp.


If you need more than one stamp, use the plural, francobolli. We’ll look at plurals properly later on.


Translate the following sentences into Italian.

Click the link below to view the answers. But have a go first!

  1. I’d like a bag, please.
  2. How much does a (plastic) bag cost?
  3. Do you have a beer?
  4. This bag is too small.
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  1. Vorrei un sacchetto, per favore.
  2. Quanto costa un sacchetto (di plastica)?
  3. Avete la birra?
  4. Questo sacchetto é troppo piccolo.

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