We collected the most useful words that are used in emergency cases.

How to Say I Don’t Feel Well in Italian

Mi sento male is Italian for I feel bad.

Mi sento male

As in English, this could mean that you feel bad emotionally, or physically.

Male means bad. So, now you’re able to define how you feel in a basic way with male (bad) and bene (good).

  • Technically, the word sento is the first person conjugation of the verb sentire, to hear, feel or sense in some way. Sentire comes from the same root as the English word “sentient”.
  • We will look at verb conjugations later on.

Needing a doctor’s help in Italian

Ho bisogno di un medico in Italian means I need a doctor.

Ho bisogno di un medico

Medico in Italian specifically means someone who’s graduated in medicine, but you can also say dottore which means “doctor” (but could mean anyone who has a Ph.D. in anything).

In case of emergency, the best word to use is “medico”.

The Italian for “Ambulance”

L’ambulanza in Italian means the ambulance.


Dial 112 in Italy for all emergency cases (if you’re in need of an ambulance, the police, or fire fighters).

  • The “z” in ambulanza is pronunced like “ts” in “cats”.

The Italian for “Hospital”

L’ospedale is the Italian for The hospital.


Italian for “I’m in Pain”

Ho dolori in Italian means I have pain (“I’m in pain”).

Ho dolori

Ho means “I have”, and dolori means “pains” — the plural of “pain”.

This is the first time that we’ve seen a word in a plural form. It’s common to use the plural form of “pain” in Italian.

The singular form of pain is “dolore”.

Italian for “ER”

Il pronto soccorso in Italian means the hospital casualty department/ER.

Il pronto soccorso

This is where you’ll go if you break a leg or need any emergency medical treatment.

Pronto means “ready” and Soccorso means “rescue”.

“Pronto” in Italy is also used to answer a telephone. Pronto when answering a phone, is the equivalent of the English “hello”.

  • The word correre means “to run”, and correre is related to the word soccorso because the doctors are “running” to help you.


Translate the following sentences into English.

Click the link below to view the answers. But have a go first!

  1. Aiuto! Mi sento male!
  2. Vorrei un’ambulanza.
  3. Dov’è l’ospedale?
  4. Dov’è il medico?
  5. Ho bisogno di un telefono.
  6. (Answering the telephone): Pronto. Marco?
  7. Pronto! Sì, sono Marco.
Show answers »
  1. Help! I feel bad!
  2. I need an ambulance.
  3. Where is the hospital?
  4. Where is the doctor?
  5. I need a telephone.
  6. (On the telephone): Hello. Marco?
  7. Hello! Yes, I am Mark.

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