After a long walk in the beautiful centro storico, it’s time for some shopping in Italy.

The Italian for Menu

Il Menu is the Italian word for the Menu.

Il Menu
You can say “vorrei il menu, per favore” to get the menu in an Italian restaurant. Or even just “il menu”, if you forget everything else!

Asking for Half a Litre of wine or water

Mezzo litro di… in Italian means half litre of…

Mezzo litro di…

In Italian di is a preposition which (most often) means of.

We’ve already learned acqua (water) earlier on. So, now you can say “mezzo litro di acqua”, but you can also “say mezzo litro d’acqua” (which is most often used). Acqua begin with a vowel, that’s why you can replace the “i” (from di) with an apostrophe.

Of course, this also works with vino, wine!

The italian for Wine

Il vino in Italian means the wine.

Il vino

Asking for Something to Eat in Italian

Vorrei qualcosa da mangiare is Italian for I’d like something to eat.

Vorrei qualcosa da mangiare

Qualche means some and cosa means thing.

“Qualcosa” is the abbreviation of “qualche cosa”. In general qualcosa is more used than qualche cosa.

The Italian “da” means “to”, in this case. Often it’s better translated as “from”; e.g. Leonardo da Vinci, Leonard from Vinci!

  • In Italian, the verb “mangiare” means “to eat”.

Asking for something to drink in Italian

Vorrei qualcosa da bere in Italian means I’d like something to drink.

Vorrei qualcosa da bere

“Take” in Italian

Prendo means I take.


Prendo can be used (instead of, or combined with, vorrei) to express what you’d like to eat from a menu. For example, prendo un caffè or prendo una pizza. Prendo means literally “I take”.

If you want to say the Italian equivalent of “I’d like to have …” you need to say Vorrei prendere …. Here, we need the form of the verb prendere which means “to take” (instead of “I take”).

The Italian for Dessert

Il dolce means the dessert.

Il dolce

It’s time to choose something sweet from the Menu!

There are many nice desserts to choose from in Italy. Not least of which is the famous tiramisu, a dessert flavoured with coffee and spirits, the name of which literally means “pull me up”.

And finally: Asking for the Bill in an Italian Restaurant

Il conto, per favore. in Italian means The bill, please.

Il conto, per favore.
  • Remember, in Italian if the letter “c” is followed by any other letter than e and i, it’s always pronounced like “k”, like for example in the English “key”.


Translate the following sentences into English.

Click the link below to view the answers. But have a go first!

  1. Buongiorno! Vorrei una pizza Pepperoni.
  2. Mi piace mangiare!
  3. Vorrei mezzo litro di vino.
  4. Prendo un caffè.
  5. Vorrei prendere un dolce.
  6. Mi piace questo ristorante!
  7. Accettate carte di credito?
Show answers »
  1. Goodday! I’d like a Pepperoni pizza.
  2. I like to eat!
  3. I’d like half a liter of wine.
  4. I’ll have a coffee.
  5. I’d like to have a cake.
  6. I like this restaurant!
  7. Do you accept credit cards?

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