Welcome to Groovy Learn Italian!


This free tutorial will teach you the basics of the Italian language and grammar, from the ground up. Each lesson will contain several Italian words or phrases and grammar rules. You’ll also find audio mp3 files that contains the words which will help your pronunciation. Later on, our lessons will contain also fun exercises (with keys) to do as well. The exercises will help you check and improve your progress.

Don’t be afraid of the grammar. We’ll gradually introduce you to Italian spelling and grammar rules. Some of the words or phrases will be followed by short explanations. This part will be highlighted in yellow, so even when you need a quick reminder you can check the page again later and easily find the most important bits.

* From menu on the home page you’ll eventually be able to find a dictionary containing all the words from all the lessons. So you can see all the words individually.

If you are a beginner in learning Italian, we suggest you begin with the first lesson, because the lessons build on each other. Also, to learn more, you can get 1-to-1 lessons with Edi (her voice can be heard on the recordings throughout on this website). Feel free to contact Edi on facebook by searching for “Edi Lezioni Lessons” or else email sedie01@gmail.com

We hope that learning Italian will be entertaining, and don’t forget: everyone can learn a foreign language.

Good luck and have fun! :) John and Edi

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