Following is a list of everything we’ve seen so far. For each word, check that you understand it, play it and try to copy the pronunciation. You might want to revise any words that you find you don’t remember, because there’s a test coming next!

Italian Tutorial 1: Your Top Five Useful Italian Words

Ciao (Hello/Goodbye)
Sì (Yes)
No (No)
Acqua (Water)
Grazie (Thank you/Thanks)

Italian Tutorial 2: Five More Useful Italian Words

Buongiorno (Goodday)
Caffè (Coffee)
Latte (Milk)
Per favore (Please)
Prego (You’re welcome)

Italian Tutorial 3: Your First Sentence in Italian

Un caffè, per favore (A coffee, please)
Una torta (A cake)
Un tavolo (A table)
Una birra (A beer)
Va bene (OK/Alright)

Italian Tutorial 4: Grammatical Gender: Feminine and Masculine Words

Un cane (A dog)
Un gatto (A cat)
Un telefono (A telephone)
Una casa (A house)
Una porta (A door)
Un albero (A tree)
Una persona (A person)
Un’anatra (A duck)

Italian Tutorial 5: Everyday Expressions and Adjectives

Come va? (How’s it going?)
A presto! (See you soon!)
Vorrei (I would like …)
Grande (Big)
Piccolo (Small)

Italian Tutorial 6: Definite Articles

Il gatto (The cat)
La torta (The cake)
È un gatto (It is a cat)
Cosa (Thing/(What?)
Che cos’è? (What is it?)
Un cane e un gatto (A dog and a cat)

Italian Tutorial 7: Your First Verbs in Italian

Io mangio la pizza (I eat the pizza)
Io bevo la birra (I drink the beer)
Questo (This)
Quello (That)

Italian Tutorial 8: Getting to Know More Verbs in Italian

Mi piace questa birra (I like this beer)
Non ho capito (I don’t understand/I haven’t understood)
Io sono Marco (I am Marco)
Lui beve caffè (He drinks coffee)
Lui mangia la torta (He eats cake)

Italian Tutorial 9: More Really Useful Words

Ho sete (I’m thirsty)
A dopo! (See you later!)
Troppo (Too much)
Solo (Only/Alone)
Perché (Why?/Because)

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