In this lesson we’ll continue with the verb avere, “to have”.

This verb, like “to be” (essere), is irregular.

In this lesson we’ll see:

  • Io ho
  • Tu hai
  • Lui ha
  • Lei ha
  • Noi abbiamo
  • Voi avete
  • Loro hanno
  • “I Have” in Italian

    Io ho in Italian means I have.

    Io ho

    Note, that in Italian the letter “h” in ho is silent, because in Italian the h – when it’s placed at the beginning of a word – is never pronounced.

    Italian for “You Have”

    Tu hai in Italian means you have.

    Tu hai

    Italian for “He has”

    Lui ha in Italian means he has.

    Lui ha

    Italian for “She Has”

    Lei ha means she has.

    Lei ha

    Italian for “We Have”

    Noi abbiamo means we have.

    Noi abbiamo

    Italian for “You Have”

    Voi avete is the Italian plural form of you have.

    Voi avete

    Italian for “They Have”

    Loro hanno is Italian for they have.

    Loro hanno


    Translate the following sentences into English.

    Click the link below to view the answers.

    1. Noi abbiamo un tavolo.
    2. Loro hanno un gatto.
    3. Loro hanno tre tavoli.
    4. Tu hai un cane.
    5. Avete una torta?
    6. Lui ha otto anatre.
    7. Ho una casa.
    8. Lei ha unanatra.
    Show answers »
    1. We have a table.
    2. They have a cat.
    3. They have three tables.
    4. You have a dog.
    5. Do you have a cake? (plural)
    6. He has eight ducks.
    7. I have a house.
    8. She has a duck.

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