In this lesson we’ll begin to learn the important topic of Italian reflexive verbs.

We’ll start by looking at how to conjugate “to like” in Italian. We’ll see some examples of “mi piace” with feminine and masculine nouns.

In Italian, unlike in English, the form of the verb “to like” that you need to use, depends on whether you’re referring to liking one thing or more than one thing.

When you want to say, for example, “I like the dog”, the “like” has a singular form which is piace. When you say “I like dogs (plural)”, or “I like the dogs (plural)”, you’ll have to use another form which we’ll be looking at in the next tutorial.

So in this tutorial we’re going to look at the singular conjugation (used when talking about liking single objects or a particular person or animal).

Fortunately the reflexive conjugation forms all follow the same pattern.

How to Say “I Like The Cake” in Italian

Mi piace la torta in Italian means I like the cake.

Mi piace la torta

“You Like that Tower” in Italian

Ti piace quella torre in Italian means you like that tower.

Ti piace quella torre

“He Likes Cake” in Italian

Gli piace la torta in Italian means he likes the cake.

Gli piace la torta

The Italian for “She Likes the Cat”

Le piace il gatto means she likes the cat.

Le piace il gatto

“We Like this Apple” in Italian

Ci piace questa mela in Italian means we like this apple.

Ci piace questa mela

“You Like this Table” in Italian (“You” in Plural Form)

Vi piace questo tavolo is the Italian plural form for you like this table.

Vi piace questo tavolo

“They Like the Cake” in Italian

A loro piace la torta is Italian for they like the cake.

A loro piace la torta

“I Like to Read” in Italian

Mi piace leggere is Italian for I like to read.

Mi piace leggere
  • Unlike English, in Italian “mi piace leggere” means both “I like to read” or “I like reading”. So in this case, in Italian you don’t have to think about grammar twice. :)

It’s time to get to know how to say in Italian that you don’t like something (in other words, how to say the negative form).

“I Don’t Like Sugar” in Italian

Non mi piace lo zucchero is Italian for I don’t like sugar.

Non mi piace lo zucchero


Translate the following short sentences into Italian.

Click the link below to view the answers.

  1. I like to sleep.
  2. She doesn’t like this book.
  3. They like the tower.
  4. He doesn’t like the cake.
  5. He likes the dog.
  6. We like the duck.
  7. They like this cat.
  8. You (talking to one person) like the cake.
  9. I like water.
  10. You (talking to more than one person) like the cathedral.
  11. She likes the cat.
Show answers »
  1. Mi piace dormire.
  2. Non le piace questo libro.
  3. A loro piace la torre.
  4. Non gli piace la torta.
  5. Gli piace il cane.
  6. Ci piace l’anatra.
  7. A loro piace questo gatto.
  8. Ti piace la torta.
  9. Mi piace l’acqua.
  10. Ti piace la cattedrale.
  11. Le piace il gatto.

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