In this lesson we’ll conjugate the Italian verb “aprire” (to open), a regular -ire verb in the present tense.

Conjugation of Regular -Ire Verbs

Personal Pronoun Verb Ending
Io -o
Tu -i
Lui -e
Lei -e
Noi -iamo
Voi -ite
Loro -ono

The Italian for “Open”

Aprire in Italian means to open.


“I Open” in Italian

Io apro in Italian means I open.

Io apro

“You Open” in Italian

Tu apri in Italian means you open.

Tu apri

Italian for “He Opens”

Lui apre means he opens.

Lui apre

Italian for “She Opens”

Lei apre means she opens.

Lei apre

“We Open” in Italian

Noi apriamo in Italian means we open.

Noi apriamo

“You Open” in Plural

Voi aprite is the Italian plural form of you open.

Voi aprite

Italian for “They Open”

Loro aprono means they open.

Loro aprono


Translate the following sentences into Italian.

Click the link below to view the answers.

  1. You’re opening the door.
  2. Why don’t you open the door?
  3. I open the door.
  4. We open the doors.
  5. He opens this door.
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  1. Tu apri la porta.
  2. Percé non apri la porta?
  3. Io apro la porta.
  4. Noi apriamo le porte.
  5. Lui apre questa porta.

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