In this tutorial we’re going to start looking at verbs ending in “ire”. Our first conjugation will be with the Italian verb dormire which means “to sleep”.

Conjugation of Regular -Are Verbs

Personal Pronoun Verb Ending
Io -o
Tu -i
Lui -e
Lei -e
Noi -iamo
Voi -ite
Loro -ono

“To Sleep” in Italian

Dormire in Italian means to sleep.


“I Sleep” in Italian

Io dormo in Italian means I sleep.

Io dormo

“You Sleep” in Italian

Tu dormi in Italian means you sleep.

Tu dormi

Italian for “He Sleeps”

Lui dorme means he sleeps.

Lui dorme

Italian for “She Sleeps”

Lei dorme means she sleeps.

Lei dorme

“We Sleep” in Italian

Noi dormiamo in Italian means we sleep.

Noi dormiamo

“You Sleep” in Plural

Voi dormite is the Italian plural form of you sleep.

Voi dormite

Italian for “They Sleep”

Loro dormono means they sleep.

Loro dormono


Translate the following sentences into Italian.

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  1. He eats and she sleeps.
  2. We love to sleep.
  3. Why don’t you (in plural) sleep?
  4. It is too early to sleep.
  5. I would like to sleep.
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  1. Lui mangia e lei dorme
  2. Noi amiamo dormire
  3. Perché non dormite?
  4. È troppo presto per dormire.
  5. Vorrei dormire.

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