Let’s take a look at the conjugation of the Italian verb “vedere” (to see).

Conjugation of Regular -Ere Verbs

Personal Pronoun Verb Ending
Io -o
Tu -i
Lui -e
Lei -e
Noi -iamo
Voi -ete
Loro -ono

“To See” in Italian

Vedere in Italian means to see.


“I See” in Italian

Io vedo in Italian means I see.

Io vedo

“You See” in Italian

Tu vedi in Italian means you see.

Tu vedi

Italian for “He Sees”

Lui vede means he sees.

Lui vede

Italian for “She Sees”

Lei vede means she sees.

Lei vede

“We See” in Italian

Noi vediamo in Italian means we see.

Noi vediamo

“You See” in Plural

Voi vedete is the Italian plural form of you see.

Voi vedete

Italian for “They love”

Loro prendono means they see.

Loro vedono


Translate the following sentences into English.

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  1. Lei vede lui.
  2. Vedi quella casa?
  3. Io vedo una casa.
  4. Il cane non vede il gatto.
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  1. She sees him.
  2. Can you see that house?
  3. I see a house.
  4. The dog does not see the cat.

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