In this tutorial we’ll start looking at Italian verbs that end in “ere”. These have a slightly different conjugation to the verbs that end in “are”.

Prendere is often used in cafés and restaurants where you’d use “I’ll have” in English. For example, prendo un caffè means “I’ll have a coffee”.

Conjugation of Regular -Ere Verbs

Personal Pronoun Verb Ending
Io -o
Tu -i
Lui -e
Lei -e
Noi -iamo
Voi -ete
Loro -ono

“To Learn” in Italian

Prendere in Italian means to take.


“I Take” in Italian

Io prendo in Italian means I take.

Io prendo

“You Take” in Italian

Tu prendi in Italian means you take.

Tu prendi

Italian for “He Takes”

Lui prende means he takes.

Lui prende

Italian for “She Takes”

Lei prende means she takes.

Lei prende

“We Take” in Italian

Noi prendiamo in Italian means we take.

Noi prendiamo

“You Take” in Plural

Voi prendete is the Italian plural form of you take.

Voi prendete

Italian for “They love”

Loro prendono means they take.

Loro prendono


Translate the following sentences into Italian.

Click the link below to view the answers.

  1. You’re having a coffee (“You take a coffee”).
  2. She takes a cake.
  3. They take the pizza.
  4. He takes a dog.
  5. I take a thing.
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  1. Tu prendi un caffè.
  2. Lei prende una torta.
  3. Loro prendono la pizza.
  4. Lui prende un grande.
  5. Io prendo una cosa.

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