In this lesson we’re going to learn the Italian personal pronouns.

They are called “personal”, because these words refer to one or more people, like I, you, he/she and so on.

In this lesson we’ll see:

  • io
  • tu
  • lui
  • lei
  • noi
  • voi
  • loro
  • How to Say “I” in Italian

    Io in Italian means I.


    “You” in Italian

    Tu in Italian means you.

    “He” in Italian

    Lui in Italian means he.


    The Italian for “She”

    Lei means she.


    “Us” in Italian

    Noi in Italian means us.


    “You” in Italian (Plural Form)

    Voi is the Italian plural form for you.

    In English, “you” is used whether you’re addressing one person or a whole crowd of pepole. But in Italian, to address multiple people, you have to use the plural form of “you”. Perhaps the only English version of this is the American slang “y’all” (you all).

    “They” in Italian

    Loro is Italian for they.



    Translate the following into Italian. Try to memorise these words before you do the exercise, but don’t worry too much, because we’ll be seeing them again later.

    Click the link below to view the answers.

    1. You (talking to one person)
    2. He
    3. I
    4. You (talking to more than one person)
    5. We
    6. They
    7. She
    Show answers »
    1. Tu
    2. Lui
    3. Io
    4. Voi
    5. Noi
    6. Loro
    7. Lei

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